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"The future will depend on our wisdom not to replace one poison with another."
National Pediculosis Association®, Inc.



This website is an ongoing compilation of information obtained from the public domain..

The National Pediculosis Association, Inc. is a non profit, 501(c)(3) health and education agency. We serve as a resource center and information clearing house on issues related to human infestations of lice and scabies; encouraging standardized control protocols and safer treatment choices. The NPA strives to provide the most current and accurate information in order for parents and health care professionals to make informed decisions in these matters. Individuals in need of medical assistance should consult their pharmacist, physician, or health care provider. The NPA does not endorse any particular lice or scabies chemical treatment product.

The NPA's efforts are supported by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) whose expertise reflects the various disciplines associated with pediculosis management.

Some past members of the SAC may now be promoting and/or endorsing lice treatment chemicals for industry marketing and advertising.  Any person's previous association with the NPA's SAC should in no way be construed to reflect any current association with the NPA.  NPA's Active SAC members do not promote or endorse any chemical treatment products.

The NPA is a non-profit organization and its' name is a registered trademark and should not be used to imply an NPA endorsement.  It is unlawful to use the NPA's name or trademarks in this fashion.

Privacy Policy

The NPA website uses appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personally-identifiable information from site visitors or those who register for NPA information and resources.  The NPA does not sell its lists or provide personal identifiers at any time.

When you use the forms on, your e-mail address may be added to NPA's own electronic mailing list so that, from time to time, the NPA can send you information and announcements.  The NPA may provide anonymous statistical information collected from its website to its own Scientific Advisory Committee, government agencies such as FDA MedWatch, and Centers for Disease Control for the purpose of our mission to protect the public health.

To have your e-mail address removed from future NPA mailings please send your request to  Be sure to include the e-mail address you want removed in the body of the message.


The National Pediculosis Association, Inc.
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