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Collateral effects of the lindano in children with pediculosis

Lic. Natividad Hernandez Contreras, 1 Lic. Zulema Menéndez Diaz, 2 Lic. Mounted Domingo Dorta, 3 Dra. Mariela Island García4 and Dra. Esther Fertile valley Draws out 5

 Tropical Medicine institute " Pedro Kourí "

The collateral effects of the lindano in children with pediculosis were reported. 551 students of primary were put under processing, and he was observed 2.54 % of them with adverse reactions the medicine. It was recommended to elevate the knowledge on this parasitación and to avoid the indiscriminate use of chemical substances and other products to eliminate the lice.

Description DeCS: Infestaciones By PIOJOS/quimioterapia; LINDANO/efectos adverse; SCHOOLS; BOY.

With the objective to diminish the parasitación by Pediculus capitis and to detect the collateral effects of lindano 1 %, 551 children between 7 and 14 years were put under processing, coming from 3 schools of the municipality Seat of the Revolution, that were positive to this infestación. Previous to the processing one asked for in writing the authorization of the parents, as well as information on possible sufferings of his children. A single application of lindano was made, and the 8 head later washed h, according to the established thing.

During the processing made in the schools, by the enabled personnel of health to apply it, the measures necessary were taken to avoid the contact of the pediculicida with the eyes and the skin. The children were later observed during the processing and 1 h. Later they were sent to his homes and the following day they visited themselves, to know verbal form by the parents the state of health the return of the school.

The processing was effective in 75 % of the cases, and the following indirect effect were observed: 6 (0.95 %) of the children in the beginning showed sensation of annoyance in the eyes or during the application of the medicine; 2 (0.32 %) perceived disagreeable scent, minutes after treaties; 3 (0.49 %) complained headache; in 1 case (0.16 %) urticaria noticed and in 2 (0.32 %) neurological affectations appeared. This last one happened in 2 children of 10 and 12 years, and in one of them it was pronounced by means of convulsions by epilepsy; according to his mother, in other occasions it had happened to him the same. The other was asthmatic, allergic and epiléptica and the same mother without indication, applied the processing. As consequence the girl presented/displayed an attack of epilepsy by a greater time of the one than habitually it accustomed, accompanied of cyanosis.

Some authors have indicated that the lindano is between insecticides of greater toxicity; 1 nevertheless was frequents to find during the overhaul of the heads to detect the positive, young cases that they maintained in the hair greasy of oily composition, destined to veterinary use and whose main component is that insecticide, with the only objective to prevent the infestación. The oncogénico character of the lindano has been mentioned by some authors, the 2 like neurotoxic reactions that are able to produce in children and adults. 2,3 Although in some countries its use very is generalized, mainly in form of champú, Courtiade and others raise that no adverse effect has been reported, 4 says that the danger is in its unsuitable use. 5 one has commented that the chemotherapy is the best and only method to control and to eradicate the pediculosis, 6 but which is the consequence of its use? The pediculicidas processings do not solve of once, but that are subject to continuous applications, directly on the people and in their majority young. The channels are several through which the chemical agents can damage and these processings in most of the cases without facultative prescription, she is one of them, 7 especially when they are made in children and whose state of health is not good. 8 He is frequent that the population without direction and sometimes without obtaining results, uses a product or another 9 that are or it is said are pediculicidas, and the affectations are not known that can cause to the human. The affirmations on the importance of elevating the knowledge on this parasitación agree with other authors. 10

It is necessary to acquire conscience and to develop a strategy of fight against the pediculosis. The early detection of the parasite and its manual control, avoid that discharges take place infestaciones and therefore miniminice the use of chemical substances. The most healthful method is the scheduled inspection of the head and the manual extraction or with a comb of fine teeth of liendres. The pediculosis is not a disease, but a ectoparásito that affects million people 11 and is in the educational centers where it affects more, reason for which requires of the joint fight of the personnel of health, educators and parents to diminish and to eliminate the infestación in benefit of the infantile population.


The side effects of lindane in children with pediculosis were reported. 2.54% of the 551 primary school children who underwent treatment had to adver reactions to this drug. It was recommended to increase knowledge about this parasitization and to avoid the indiscriminate uses of chemicals and to other products to eliminate lices.

Subject headings: LICE INFESTATIONS/drug therapy; LINDANE/adver effects; SCHOOLS; CHILD.


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Received: 12 of February of the 2000. Approved: 6 of June of the 2000.
Lic. Natividad Hernandez Contreras. Tropical Medicine institute " Pedro Kourí ". Section 601, Marianao 13, City of Havana, Cuba. Electronic mail:

1 Added Investigator. Tropical Medicine institute " Pedro Kourí " (IPK).
2 Added Investigator. IPK.
3 Added Investigator. IPK.
4 General Medicine Specialist Integral. Policlínico " Forbidden " Habana.
5 Specialist of I Degree in Clinical Parasitology, Hospital Pediátrico " Pedro Borrás " Professor Asistente. Medicine faculty " Commander Manuel Fajardo ".


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