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"The future will depend on our wisdom not to replace one poison with another."
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Indiana: The Hoosier Environmental Council is working with schools, school nurses and other health professionals to promote alternatives to lindane and support a national lindane ban. For more information see  or contact Rae Schnapp,

Lindane Research Project

Michelle Chartrand
PhD Student

416- 978-0825

Chlorinated solvents are common ground water contaminants that can be degraded under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Compound specific isotope analysis (CSIA) has been used as a tool to identify biodegradation of chlorinated compounds and has the potential to be used to distinguish between different microbial degradation pathways. To date, my research has focused on stable carbon isotope analysis in two areas: verification of biodegradation at an anaerobic trichloroethene-contaminated fractured bedrock field site and the measurement of carbon fractionation factors during aerobic vinyl chloride degradation.

While stable carbon isotope measurements of chlorinated compounds can provide valuable information, stable hydrogen isotope measurements can offer an additional line of evidence to verify biodegradation and to distinguish between different degradation pathways in the field. The method for stable hydrogen isotope measurements of chlorinated compounds is tedious and time consuming: the individual chlorinated compound in a sample must be first separated, the fractions collected, and quantitatively reduced to H 2 gas using off-line techniques. Currently, no on-line system exists for the measurement of hydrogen isotopes for chlorinated compounds.

Current (and near future) Research Projects:

  • Stable carbon isotope measurements of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (from the pesticide Lindane)
  • Development of a system for on-line hydrogen isotope measurements of chlorinated compounds

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